The relative importance of the purity of the NSK bearings for fever - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
In popular conditions, NSK bearing grease filling amount, is always beyond directly involved in the lubrication practice demand, satisfied with the rack and rolling mill bearing cover of the cavity, and an outline is made in the rolling around in vitro. In the process, because of excess grease resistance, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most redundant grease at the beginning of the operation is being squeezed out, and squeezed in the raceway attachment grease could still be migration transformation between the rolling element into the race. Most of these in the early stages of the rolling mill bearing operating grease quickly ( Less than a minute) Is being squeezed out of raceway and accumulate in bao followed the bearing grease migration body cycle also, have a small amount of discharge. NSK bearing temperature continued to rise, at this moment until all redundant grease were discharge, may be called the grease running-in stage, on the basis of rolling mill bearing structure elements, such as quality, filling grease content in this period of time may last ten minutes, and even a few hours. A, NSK bearing life impact: the purity of the NSK bearing greater influence on bearing life, bearing company has the specialized test, the result is the difference for several times or even dozens of times. The higher the purity of the bearing, the longer the life and others test showed that different cleanliness of lubricating oil had a great influence on the ball bearing life. So, to improve the purity of the lubricating oil can prolong the life of rolling mill bearing, in addition, if the lubricating oil containing dirt particles control under 10 um, bearing life is growing into 7 times. B, the effects of vibration noise effect on the vibration: NSK bearing test results show that the level of cleanliness seriously affect the vibration of rolling mill bearing, especially high frequency vibration. High cleanliness of low vibration velocity values, especially in high frequency band. C, the lubrication performance: the influence of cleanness of NSK bearing down, not only affect the formation of lubricating film, still can cause the deterioration of the grease and accelerate its ageing, thus affecting the grease lubrication performance degradation.
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