The importance of punch in daily maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
A, in the amount of oil in the tank is enough, the oil is clean. If there is a oil B, three combined automatic injector. ( , on the floor) C, booster pump pu the amount of oil is enough. ( More than half of the tank) D, any oil leakage, leakage phenomenon. E, F gas storage barrel if there is a drainage, the machine has no ring. G, keep clean and ventilated smooth inside the electric cabinet. 5, punching machine, fuselage and electric cabinet and peripheral connection A socket cannot access excessive load, within the 300 w, otherwise it will damage the machine internal components. B, fuselage side box scissors function of marked on the cable, when open the scissors switch, voltage 220 v, special attention should be paid to the customer with scissors function. C, feeder, the power cord is best not to pass in the receiving machine press air switch and internal other switch to control, otherwise there is a risk of overload, also have serious consequences
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