The IKO outer spherical bearing equipment preventive maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Of IKO bearing equipment preventive maintenance, and peripheral parts replacement operation were removed the outer spherical bearing inspection, need to judge whether the bearing parts can be used again in turn and record the usage of good or bad. Carefully investigate and record the bearing and the appearance of being removed. In order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, to clean the bearing well. Test results, if found damage and bearing abnormal situation, please according to the bearing damage phenomenon to find out the reason, to develop countermeasures. In addition, the test results, there are some defects, if the outer spherical bearing can't use, need to replace new bearing. Bearing before damage to the actual life is made up of IKO bearing wear, damage usually is not caused by fatigue, but by the bearing wear, erosion, such as seal damage caused. Test in the laboratory or in be used actually as it is, however, can be significant to see, the appearance of the work in the same premise the same outer spherical bearing, generally speaking, a third of the bearing damage resulting from the fatigue damage, a third of the bearing and resulting from poor lubrication, a third of the other resulting from pollutants into the bearing improper handling or installation. Improve bearing rotating accuracy, reduce IKO bearing vibration and noise test research has confirmed that the improvement of outer spherical bearing rotating accuracy, vibration and noise reduction are greatly reduce the circular deviation and the ring has a lot to do. This is to improve the bearing capacity of a complete set of created good conditions. In addition, if bearing for rolling bearing raceway superfinishing except for the crown, also can improve the bearing capacity. Superfinishing greatly improve the bearing performance and service life, because of the function and effect of superfinishing there are so many love, so more and more get the favour of bearing ring light the whole processing. Bearing clean: remove the outer spherical bearing repair, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sampling inspection with lubricant, IKO bearings. Common use gasoline, kerosene as a cleaning agent. Bearing inspection and judgment: in order to judge whether the bearing of the removed can use, check after wash bearing. Check the raceway surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the state, the abrasion of cage, the increase of the bearing clearance and has nothing to do with dimension precision falling damage, abnormal. Bearing lubrication: the purpose of the rolling bearing lubrication purpose is to reduce the bearing internal friction and the friction losses, prevent burning stick. Hope before the installation, just open the shaft lubrication, cleaning, filling grease directly. Lubricating oil, ordinary also don't have to be clean, but the instrument using or high-speed IKO bearings, etc. , to be washed with clean oil, remove the rust inhibitor on the outer spherical bearing.
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