The classification of the rolling bearing fault diagnosis technology - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Technology mainly include the vibration diagnosis of rolling bearing fault diagnosis technology, iron spectrum diagnostic technology, temperature, acoustic diagnostic technology, the oil film resistor technology and optical fiber monitoring and diagnosis technology, etc. , among them, the vibration diagnosis technology application, iron foundry, temperature is the most common. 1. Vibration diagnosis technology bearing element surface fatigue spalling, indentation, or the local corrosion, bearing will appear in the operation of the periodic pulse signal. The periodic signal can be installed on the bearing seat of sensors ( Type speed or acceleration) To receive, and through the analysis of the vibration signal to diagnose the faults of the bearing. Features: vibration diagnosis technology widely used; Can realize on-line monitoring; Diagnosis, diagnosis theory has been mature. Application: apply is especially suitable for bearing in rotating machinery fault monitoring. 2. Ferrographic diagnosis technology bearing wear particles and their working conditions are closely linked. With wear particles in lubricating oil by a strong magnetic field, under the action of strong magnetic field, grinding grain on precipitation in iron spectrum according to certain rules, can be made on the ferrographic microscope ferrographic pieces in qualitative observation and quantitative instrument testing, judge the working condition of bearing. Characteristic: the machine without disintegration; Low investment and good effect; Bearing can be discovered early fatigue failure; Can do wear mechanism research. Application range: applicable to oil lubrication bearing fault diagnosis, with grease lubricated bearings is relatively difficult. 3. Good lubrication of the bearing oil film resistance diagnosis technology, due to the effect of oil film, there is a lot of resistance between inner and outer ring. By measuring the resistance of the bearing inner and outer ring, bearing abnormal judgment. Features: can use the same criteria for different working conditions. The surface spalling, indentation and crack the diagnosis of abnormal effect is poor. Application range: applicable to the axis of rotation exposed. 4. Optical fiber optical fiber monitoring monitoring and diagnosis technology is a direct signal extracted from the surface of the bearing ring diagnostic technique. Made of optical fiber bundle displacement sensor consists of transmitting fiber bundle and receiving optical fiber bundle. Light fiber beam through the sensor surface with the launch on the surface of the bearing ring gap reflected, by the receiving fiber bundle, converted into electric signal by photoelectric component, through the analysis of the electrical signal processing, can be made to the bearing condition assessment. Features: high sensitivity optical fiber displacement sensor; Directly from bearing surface to extract the signal and improve the signal-to-noise ratio; Can directly reflect the manufacturing quality of rolling bearing, the surface abrasion degree, load, lubrication and clearance. Application range: applicable to the sensor can be installed on the bearing seat inside the machine. 5. If have some abnormal temperature diagnosis technology bearing, bearing temperature changes. Therefore, according to the change of temperature, can for bearing fault diagnosis, but to the anomaly judgment ability is very low. Features: simple diagnosis; For bearing burn judgment effect is better. Application range: applicable to the machine simple routine diagnosis of bearing. 6. Acoustic emission diagnosis technology of metal materials due to internal lattice dislocation and grain boundary sliding or due to the occurrence and development of internal crack, all need to release the elastic wave, this phenomenon is called acoustic emission phenomenon. Rolling bearing produces peeling or crack, can produce different types of acoustic emission signals, can be made to the bearing condition assessment accordingly. Features: diagnosis of quick, easy; Can online monitoring. Application: in recent years the development of new technology, less used in bearing condition monitoring.
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