The chemical composition of quenched and tempered steel characteristics - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Quenched and tempered steel carbon content is between 0. 27 ~ 0. 50%. The commonly used carbon quenched and tempered steel, the carbon content is close to the ceiling, 40, 45, 50 such as steel, etc. ; But alloy quenched and tempered steel is more close to the lower limit, such as 40 cr, 30 crmnti steel, etc. Alloy quenched and tempered steel containing Cr, Ni, Mn, Ti alloy element, its role is largely improve the hardenability of steel, and tempering after quenched and tempered sorbite strengthen the organization. In the quenched and tempered steel can strengthen the ferrite content of alloy element without significantly reduce its toughness, even some can improve its toughness. In the quenched and tempered steel alloy element such as Mo, V, Al, B, its content is less, especially the content of B. Mo's main role is to prevent the quenched and tempered steel alloy during high temperature tempering to produce category ii this brittle; V is the action of high temperature austenitic grain growth; Is the main purpose of Al alloy quenched and tempered steel can accelerate the nitriding process; Trace amounts of B can strongly make isothermal transformation curve to the right to move, improve alloy quenched and tempered steel's hardenability.
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