The characteristics and applications of the NTN self-lubricating bearing area - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
NTN self-lubricating bearing use of wide temperature, content of solid lubricating materials is adequate, release the uniform, good self-lubricating property and bite, can effectively protect the journal, to achieve durable use. Applicable to high temperature, low speed, large overload, dust, water and shock vibration environment operation, this kind of NTN bearing can be widely used in mining machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food, textile, papermaking, printing and dyeing machinery and equipment, such as rolling and sliding bearing parts. Aluminum electrolytic tank to produce aluminum liquid, with carry bag vacuum out pour into the hybrid furnace, after matching and slag into aluminium ingot casting machine casting forming, the forming of solid aluminum ingots, the production of aluminum ingots stacking by the stacker. In order to improve the production efficiency, aluminum molding must be used before a large amount of cooling water for cooling, in the great heat released into the aluminous liquid during the cooling process of cooling water, hot water vapor is produced. Casting machine under high temperature and water environment bearing, bearing a lot of grease lubrication, grease is added in a short period of time will be because of the high temperature melt the overflow, the maintenance is difficult, difficult on health and the equipment surface. In the steel structure bearing in the hot, humid environment is easy to rust, corrosion failure rate is very high, high cost of equipment maintenance, equipment operation often troubled by the following two problems. Oil supply operation is difficult to achieve high temperature continuous casting machine spindle, YiDing, ingot, such as turning spindle unit are installed in the frame, each rotation bearing design of lubricating grease injection nozzle facilities on a regular basis, oil must stop when the demolition of housing, oil gun pressure grease. And the whole machine injection point up to more than 30, long-term operation maintenance cannot achieve this tedious filling operation, so we have to hand dilute oil can sprinkle on the outside of the running bearing sleeve, it is difficult to enter the bearing lubricating oil between the friction pair, most of the bearing under friction. Ambient temperature is high, the grease lubrication not adapt to the present casting machine used in the rolling bearing molybdenum disulfide grease is considered capable of high temperature grease, we know the base oil is oil products, add a small amount of high temperature resistance of molybdenum disulphide additives, its heat resistance limit is 120 ℃. Casting machine according to the measured bearing working temperature is 200 ℃, has far beyond the limit of heat-resistant grease. In such high temperature conditions, base oil of grease will become loose and gradually evaporate, the rest of the carbon residue, molybdenum disulfide, dust mixed into a solid block of solidification in the rolling bearing of keep on the shelf, not only losing its lubricating effect, also hinder the normal operation of rolling bearing and wear very quickly, at most 2 weeks will have to stop, remove the NTN bearing change new oil cleaning.
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