The bucket elevator bearing five years don't change? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Reducer bearing and roller bearing, we have been a great force, how to do bucket elevator bearing five years did not change this possible? Is possible, the large mechanical below small make up will give you a detailed analyse, before analysis, first of all you should understand, what is the cause of the damage of bucket elevator bearings? 1, lubrication misconceived: is the use of 'maintenance' bearing ( The prefill smooth sealed bearing grease) Local don't need to think of this problem, but in the early fall effect of the bearing, there are still 36% because of the skills of using smooth agent parameters are not accurate or lack in contentment provoked by the use requirement. Can prevent the consequences of is: shortage of accurate smooth bearing will be long before a expectations utilizing life coming off work. Because of bearing the mortal world is the most difficult to close in the mechanical parts, carelessness smooth often cause all kinds of problems. 2, device misconceived: about 16% of all early fall effect of the bearing is disapproved by the device and did not realize the accurate device has provoked. To be accurate and useful device and open it, differences of device can demand use of mechanical, hydraulic or heating method. Based on its professional engineering service skills of common sense. 3, the problem of pollution: bearing is fine, if the bearing and its smooth agent means less away from the pollutants, the bearing cannot have land operation. And because eternity with smooth fat sex sealed bearing only accounts for a small local of all bearings, in all early fall effect in bearing at least 14% due to pollution problem. Because in the process of bucket elevator use, loading, material can prevent will appear on the status, the material will be able to touch sticks on the smooth oil bearing, a smooth oil thickens, form bearing lock, such as a fever, until the bearing damage.
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