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The basic requirements of rolling bearing performance and material involved

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Imported bearing parts work surface and center in the state, there is a large difference in structure and performance requirements, and could not have heat treatment tends to make the whole, also not give full play to the material. Applied materials surface strengthening technology can not only solve the surface and center differences in structure and requirements, but also can make further surface to obtain specific performance, in order to meet the work under certain conditions on the properties of working surface of bearing requirements. This makes sense in the modern science and technology development. Rolling bearing is normal work, in addition to outside the rolling friction, accompanied by sliding friction. Main parts of the sliding friction is: between the rolling element and raceway contact surface, the contact area between the rolling element and cage pocket hole, cage and the guide ring between rim and roller end face and ring lead guard, etc. Bearings rolling bearing in the existence of the sliding friction inevitably bearing wear parts. If the bearing steel wear resistance is poor, the rolling bearing will prematurely due to abrasion loss due to the rotation accuracy or precision bearing vibration increase, reduce the service life. Therefore, calling for high wear resistance of bearing steel. The basic requirements of rolling bearing on the material depends largely on the bearing performance. Choose rolling bearing materials is more appropriate are made, has a great influence on the its using performance and life will be. Under normal circumstances, the rolling bearing is the main damage form under the action of alternating stress fatigue spalling, bearing and the bearing precision due to friction and wear loss. In addition, there is crack, indentation, corrosion causes such as bearing abnormal damage. Rolling bearing, therefore, should have high ability to resist plastic deformation, less friction and wear, good rotation accuracy, good dimensional accuracy and stability, as well as the long contact fatigue life. Imported bearing cleaning: remove the bearing repair, record the appearance of the imported bearing, for the first time confirmed the amount of residual lubricant, sampling inspection after the use of lubricant, cleaning bearing. As a cleaning agent, general use gasoline, kerosene. Remove the bearing cleaning, washing and fine washing thick, be placed in a container, metal openings at the first, make direct contact with imported bearing not dirt container. If imported bearing rotating dirt, damage to the bearings rolling surface, it should be noted. In the crude oil washing, brush with the brush to remove grease, viscous material, generally clean, wash into the fine. Fine wash wash oil is in the side of the bearing rotation, while carefully cleaned.
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