Rust-proof oil quality and safety of using knowledge program - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
1. Rust-proof oil are solvent products, the use of the environment should be well ventilated, away from the fire source and open flame. 2. Long time contact with the hand oil, solvent resistant rubber gloves should be worn. Oiled gloves with workpiece at the same time, in order to avoid fingerprints HanJi erosion artifacts ( Especially in summer) 。 3. Process between the antirust oil tank should appoint someone who's in charge of management. Due to the use of the active components of dehydration and anti-rust will gradually decline, product consumption at the same time, also shall be added in a timely manner. And emissions at the bottom of the tank off the water on a regular basis. 4. Washed by hand after the workpiece to check time dip-coating derusting oil; Have antirust processing to library shelves in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions, the position of the workpiece, and write a label ( Name, date, number, etc. ) 。 ( Please refine) 5. Workshop within the workpiece can not heap of the place, should be divided area. According to the requirement and production plan scientific and reasonable scheduling, arrange production, in order to ensure the normal operation of work between each working procedure, no backlog. The dispatcher fill in dispatching and operation log every day. ( Please refine) 6. Before the machine assembly, the parts should be thoroughly dry, wearing white gloves when assembly operations. Assembled after the application of dry compressed air purging again, and then to hydraulic test. After the trial the machine surface besmear brushs PSA - directly 008 anti-rust agent sealed packaging. 7. Every workshop with antirust oil tank should be labeled; With special solvent resistant rubber gloves; Tank shall be fitted with cover plate, holidays, weekends or at ordinary times to cover the lid when not in use.
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