Run for 10 years old excelle replace the right rear wheel bearing, the status of the maintenance when annoyed the teacher! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
In general, when we drive on the flat road, there was a buzzing sound if the car chassis, a lot of problems is probably because of the wheel bearing, wheel bearing solution is replaced. Wheel bearing replacement can be divided into two types, one type is only need to replace a bearing alone is ok, but the maintenance is a little bigger difficulty; Another type is replace bearing assembly, maintenance difficulty is very small! Some time ago, mechanics made the teacher give small make up a buick excelle fault is introduced. It is the right rear wheel bearing problems prompted a buzzing driving. Originally excelle right rear wheel bearing is the second type of bearing, only can change the bearing assembly, can be mended in 30 minutes! However, the maintenance is master spent more than two hours of time, there was a condition to repair the master distress! What is status annoyed the teacher? In this paper, we simply look at! Shown below, the excelle ass! Excelle owner description of failure phenomenon is right rear wheel buzzing, the master is quickly determine the right rear wheel bearing assembly problems and bearing problems can't repair, only replace new bearing! Shown below, the master before buy new accessories need to look at the vehicle nameplate, determine the fitting models! Is indicated by the arrows, the excelle factory in 2008, up to now have 10 years of time! Below the arrow shown in, this is the second day, his master send back new bearing, we can see this is a bearing assembly. Teacher just need to tear open come down to the old bearing, it is ok to install the new bearing up! Shown in green areas, the plug is the plug of the wheel speed sensor. Mechanics teacher said before installation: 30 minutes bearings can be set up! Install the bearing is the first step to remove the tyres, the master is in serious trouble when demolition tires! Shown below, this is the excelle tire screw! Is modified, we can see the tire screw within the six-party screw, master during disassembly, gave the other two screw nut screw is broken, this kind of condition that teacher is very upset! This do? If you want to remove the damaged screw nut, you need to use electric welding machine, welding on the damaged screw nut another screw, and then you can put the screw nut to tear open come down! Since there is no other better solution, the owner agree to repair! Below indicated by the arrows, the master has been above the nut of the damage of a welding a large screw, are gently hammer vibration screw! Of course, with electric welding machine it is difficult to remove the damaged tires screws, test master welding technology, not only the teacher's patience also! Shown below, the tyre has been removed by the master, black traces are after welding, the teacher said the impact on wheels is not very big, need to paint! Shown below, this is two removed nut! Orange arrow, as shown in the master in the nut welding on a screw to put it down; Green arrow, as shown in the master in the screw nut which cross welding a screw! It is not easy, to understand the process, small make up will understand the teacher why upset! To avoid other tire screw appear such problem, at the request of the owner, master the other wheel nut to tear open come down to check! Shown in green areas, there are many rust on the two screw nut! Mechanics teacher put the right rear wheel removed, after the maintenance is much easier, less than half an hour, his master was in good bearing, a total master spent more than two hours of time! Finally, the teacher test together and excelle owners, right rear wheel had not appeared buzzing sound, troubleshooting! We cyclists can simply look at the case of maintenance, hope it can help cool, enjoy cool car!
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