Roughing - bearing knowledge work station safety operation procedures

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
( 1) Must check the equipment before mount guard safety devices and the working site is neat, confirm equipment rear can normal operation. ( 2) It is forbidden to various items on work station has nothing to do with the job. ( 3) Boot device or simulation before test, should first horns, and inform the schedule with the loudspeaker broadcasts, contact adjuster on-site confirmation, beside a machine without rear can boot device. ( 4) Production should always observe rolling state, found that abnormal start alarm, parking should be taken when necessary, stop. Avoid human injuries. ( 5) Operators should be more attention around the welding such as shear of misoperation caused by light, has the responsibility to remind or warning welding operators to avoid light shines hot metal detectors and other components, take corresponding measures to prevent human injury accident. ( 6) Accident situation according to the master's instruction to send steel, cannot do STH without authorization will be rolled piece into the mill. ( 7) Strictly carry out brand operation system.
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