Roots blower on bearing wear fix - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Roots blower enterprises belong to the horizontal, it consists of two growing waist rotor, oblong of casing, two parallel axis. Casing can be divided into with water cooling, gas cooling and no cooling device. The with the end of the actuator was two axis with exactly the same style and size, and the two gears mesh with each other, make the drive shaft directly connected to the motor, and through the gear drive to the driven shaft rotate in opposite directions. Each rotor rotates, can out double shadow of air volume, and thus drive shaft rotation every 4 times a week is out shadow volume of air. Reasonable layout should be at the inlet and outlet of the roots blower: upper end into the bottom exhaust wind, so that you can use the gravity of the high pressure gas offset part of the rotor and shaft, the lower bearing pressure, reduce wear and tear. Roots blower worn parts: under the tail shaft bearing; Bearing type: N322E; Speed: 1000 r/min, shaft neck size: the & # 216; 110 mm, the wear depth: 0. 8mm- 1毫米; Wear width: 50 mm. Sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nano polymer material mechanical properties and compressive properties, corresponding repair bearing wear problem of a site repair process. Its advantage is good cohesive force, has a good compression performance, mechanical vibration resistance, and possesses excellent field applied such as comprehensive performance, which can realize the scene to repair, repair of high efficiency, no need to equipment of disassembly. Sauvy industrial carbon nano technology to repair in guarantee under the premise of using effect, not only can realize the scene to repair, but also can achieve in a short period of time to solve equipment problems, repair of high efficiency and greatly reduce downtime for the enterprise, the comprehensive repair cost is low, to the enterprise equipment maintenance maintenance provides a powerful solution, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises.
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