Replace the top rubber and plane bearing maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Top of crack has been a lot, about 10 mm, early bought glue and plane bearings, but haven't got the time change, because the old top glue has aged lose elasticity, texture start bumpy road, even to the top of the tower also to have certain damage, yesterday time replaced glue and plane bearing. With the methods of shock absorption, as free hand residual party feel operation has the certain difficulty, main is to install the top rubber and remove the top rubber, space is too small not convenient operation. This way I feel on the hem arm rubber lining has a certain damage, aging of rubber lining is likely to be so operation and cause gum set apart. If it is new in the hem of the arm set and anti-roll bar glue set, this free demolition shock in top glue method is likely to be because the new rubber sets of small amount of mine ended in failure. Advantage is because there is no tear open outfit horns and shock absorber, the need for four-wheel positioning. In aggregate or removed in more scientific and more reasonable, but repair shop round up big when the hammer claw like to hit on you tao, I'm sure I won't go. One operation is not convenient to take photographs, so less photos, this is not a tutorial, just do a simple record and summary. ( BBS predecessors have detailed tutorial, need friends can search) 。 I use the tools and accessories are: two top rubber bearing two 7 mm Allen 21 mm socket jack m14 * 1. 5 nut to do a good job must first sharpen his, best buy special tools, so more effort, also won't damage the screw nut. Jack's under a brick rises again can increase tire high from the ground, when loaded take top plastic space would be relatively loose, that body up with stents or resist body or something else, a jack is very unstable. One by one, don't turn off both shock absorber of the screw, change again after a change another one. Under the simple said process. Don't rise the body break down the first one screw and remove the iron bowl ( This figure is borrowed) Remove the iron bowl after continue to twist the second screws after unscrew the two screws in turn changed into m14 * 1. 5 after rising body replacement nut screw on replacement nut to the wheel off the ground at least 10 cm, and then use under the foot wheel, shock absorber will decline at this time, the space will be will be able to take the top rubber, if the adhesive on the top of the tower, can use the screwdriver take it away. Remove the top rubber available brushes, vacuum cleaners cleaning dust loosen jack lowered the body to a plane bearing leak, drop the body keep the shock absorber in the middle of the top hole for easy to take out the bearing when jack don't move, loosen the replacement nut to remove the old plane after bearing directly put on the new bearing and replace nut screw on, according to need to clean up the new plane bearing, internal rise again replacement nut screw on the body, and then use the wheels under foot on a new top rubber ( Be careful not to put wrong) Replace the nut after tear down, put down the body, according to the order on the original screw and iron bowl was finished on one side of the top rubber replacement. Old glue comparison, in after the good have no gap, old top glue is 06 annual output, said hasn't been changed under my own conclusion: 1, said jack in front of the underground a brick, must. High enough to replace the top on the top of the glue. 2 plastic and flat top bearing, as long as the vehicle is in the process of loading the 3 not rise state will always guarantee replacement nut screw on the shock absorber. 4 buy a glue must buy durable, inferior one month back to prototype 5 plane bearing no damage don't have to change new, new so-called 'German' durable, not necessarily the original car of German used for 13 years, is still very good. Maintenance down below the plane of the bearing surface bearing for 13 years, is still very good, the bearing here as long as the oil, use: not bad. The first time is simple and the second time wiped to wipe, crevice spotless clean brush with a toothbrush. Can look the original car surface bearing marked below grease on shopping, is also made in German, - 40 - 200 degrees Celsius, heat flow, low temperature not sticky 16 steel ball with glasses cloth again ordinal put after cleaning, every time in the top rubber maintenance time, the bearing can be used for a lifetime. A lid on it
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