NTN tapered roller bearing adjustment rotating precision of the lubrication and maintenance on a regular basis - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
NTN bearing after installed in the host, such as measuring taper roller bearing spindle radial runout, can be found that the each measured value of a certain change; Continuous measurement, can be found that after a certain number of revolution, this change will approximately duplicated. Measure for cyclic rotation accuracy degree of the change, change the approximately duplicated the revolution, on behalf of cyclic rotation accuracy 'cycle', the value of the amplitude changed in quasi cycle, is the cycle rotation accuracy is poor. 1, best to lubricating grease lubrication of NTN bearing is in the plan of equipment downtime during implementation, and added on a regular basis, at the same time, the old rid grease or via the drain the old oil out empty. Before adding fresh grease injection nozzle should be wiped clean. If there is no zerk bearing box, should open the bearing box cover or end cover, in order to remove the old grease, clean up after, supplement the same type of fresh oil. 2, lubricating oil, check the oil level of lubricating oil and the oil, in general, a normal oil level equipment oil level Windows or mark a third - Two-thirds of the range. Oil compensating way for oil cup, the display of the oil level represents oil compensating ability, and the bearing box oil level is to meet operation requirements, oil cup CPC a lower than a quarter of its total volume filling oil may be considered. Check and repair method oil, remove a small amount of oil as a sample and fresh oil, has the ability to unit may be considered for oil testing, to ensure the oil qualified. If the sample looks like clouds, so may be mixed with water as a result, people often say that oil emulsification, at this time should replace the lubricating oil. Fixed end before the installation of the bearings on the shaft: will the kerosene used to clean the taper roller bearing with clean thoroughly clean, for grease lubrication, first will contain 3% ~ 5% of organic solvent injection NTN bearing grease for degreasing, cleaning and quantitative grease oil gun will fill in the bearing inner ( Accounts for 10% ~ 15%) of the bearing space volume ; Heat bearing the heat up 20 ~ 30 ℃, using hydraulic press the bearing into shaft end; Will set casing pressure on the shaft and with appropriate pressure against bearing face makes its axial positioning; The lace will spring balance volume on the bearing outer ring, use the method of measuring start torque check is the preload of the regulation for substantial changes ( Even if the tapered roller bearing is correct, but due to cooperate or cage deformation, preload also has the potential to change) 。
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