Judge SKF self-aligning ball bearing fault maintenance method in use of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
SKF bearing showed a strong regularity in the process of its use, and the repeatability is very good. The normal high quality bearing ( SKF bearing) , at the beginning of the use of vibration and noise are relatively small, but there are some scattered of spectrum amplitude is small, may be due to some defects in the process of manufacturing, such as surface caused by burrs, etc. Movement after a period of time, maintain a certain level of vibration and noise, frequency spectrum is very single, only one or two times the frequency. Rarely appear more than three times the power frequency spectrum, self-aligning ball bearing condition is very stable, steady working period. Continue to run after the late into use, SKF bearing vibration and noise began to increase, sometimes a different sound, but the change of vibration increase is relatively slow, at this point, the bearing kurtosis value began suddenly reaches a certain value. At this point, we think, SKF bearing that is characterized by the early failure. At this time, requires to closely monitor the SKF bearing, pay close attention to the change. Since then, bearing kurtosis value began falling fast, and is close to normal, and significant increase in vibration and noise, it began to accelerate the increase, when the vibration more than standard ( Such as ISO2372 standard) , its bearing kurtosis value also began to increase rapidly, when more than vibration standard, and kurtosis value is more than normal ( Available kurtosis relative standard) , we think the self-aligning ball bearing fault has entered the late production, should be timely maintenance equipment, change of SKF bearing. SKF bearing show late fault feature to severe fault ( For bearing damage, such as holding shaft commonly, burns, sand spallation, raceway, wear beads, etc. ) Most of time not more than a week, the bigger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed, the shorter the time interval. Therefore, in actual self-aligning ball bearing fault diagnosis, once found late fault characteristics, should be decisive judgment is bearing fault, arrange inspection as soon as possible. Use factors mainly refers to install, use, maintenance, maintenance, repair and so on meets the technical requirements. According to SKF bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of technical requirements, SKF bearing in operation on the load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, found that abnormal immediately to find the reason, adjustment, so that it is back to normal. First of all, the spindle spindle bearing during operation, to fully guarantee the lubrication, and according to the actual usage add lubricating oil regularly, not long time cutting oil. So, for the user enterprise, should choose a better, more suitable spindle lubricating oil. New special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, extend the oil change period, prolong the service life of spindle and self-aligning ball bearings, also has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance, etc. Secondly, using reinforced nylon material cage bearing, using temperature should be lower than 120 ℃, it is strictly prohibited to cooking oil to clean. In addition, the spindle maintenance should be paid attention to when cleaning method, to prevent damage or scratch the surface of the roller. Try to remove the remains of the SKF bearing parts, flushing, suction bolsters internal clean should be adopted the method of residual oil is preferred. Attention should be paid to avoid the dumping of type and make the clean garbage accumulation residue in bearing parts, cause the self-aligning ball bearing produce the problem such as noise, wear failure.
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