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HRB bearing damage cause analysis - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
In use process because of itself quality and external conditions, its bearing capacity, rotational accuracy and antifriction performance etc. Will change, when the performance of the bearing is lower than the use requirement and cannot work normally, is called a bearing damage or failure, bearing in the event of damage, such as accident happens, there will be stalling its machines, equipment, functional damage and other anomalies. So you need to investigate causes in a short time, and take corresponding measures, of course, the rolling bearing damaged the damage is much more complex than general machinery parts, the characteristics of the rolling bearing damage is the number of forms, reasons, bearing damage in addition to bearing design and manufacture of the inner factors, mostly due to improper use, such as: selection of suitable ( See the customer information) , bearing design is unreasonable, improper installation, poor lubrication, sealing is not good and so on caused by external factors. The formation and causes of damage of rolling bearing has the vital significance, on the one hand can improve the using method, proper use of bearings, give full play to the efficiency of bearing on the other hand can help to develop new product performance better. In this article, in addition to the narrative in the rolling bearing use note, method of installation, operation and supervision thereof, also introduces the forms and causes of damage and the countermeasures should be taken.
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