How to determine the bearing failure - bearing grease in use knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Bearing grease performance indicators, mainly colloidal stability ( Oil) , mechanical stability, 100000 shear test, lengthen working cone into the degree of value) And oxidation stability, the three indicators comprehensive results, is bearing life. 在轴承中运转的润滑脂遭受机械力的破坏使稠化剂的纤维变碎裂、变短、降低了维系润滑脂结构的能力,即稠度变化,如果稠度变化很大会产生从工作表面流失的现象,同时在运转工作时润滑脂将受到温度升高的影响,基础油会产生蒸发而减少或部分基础油由于脂的胶体破坏分油损失使脂的含油量减少,也有产生氧化变质的可能。 For bearing grease, therefore, if the work within fat base oil content lower than 60% When 70% ( The base oil loss due to evaporation or points of oil - 30% 40%) Lose lubrication ability will be reduced and even cause the failure of bearing operation, at the same time of consistency and oxidation of fat and bad work more will affect the running of the bearing.
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