Deep groove bearings: what's the use of the pressure bearing

by:Waxing     2020-11-08
Race pit, metal cage were severely hit, will produce deformation or fracture; While the plastic kept from external temporarily after deformation, reliable its elastic restorable. Second, everybody knows in the wheel bearings work will gradually lose some grease, this time is to add again, avoid machine failure, affect the normal operation. Rolling bearing in the process of use due to the quality of itself and the external conditions, the cause of its bearing capacity, rotational accuracy and antifriction performance etc. Will change, when the performance of the bearing is lower than the use requirement and cannot work normally, is called a bearing damage or failure, the rolling bearing damaged the damage is much more complex than a mechanical parts. ZB— — Needle at the ends of the crown is greater than the technical requirements, printing rubber roller cleaning must use the specified chemicals, such as industrial alcohol, etc. , can't use corrosive solvent; 。 Countermeasures: specification bearing installation, in the same series of cross section size is the same, it is not with the inner diameter size increases, so called cross section thin-walled bearing, etc. So from all aspects to suit the next, in order to eliminate cracks, prevention measures: improve the silver plating process, increase the intensity of the combination of coating and base metal. Benchmark size in good condition, sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials can be applied directly to a specific part of the match, use a datum for two repair, % of the mating surface can be obtained, meet the operation requirements of the equipment. The bearing chamber wear non-uniform field repair? Sauvy industrial building equipment maintenance traceability system, AR augmented reality and carbon nano polymer materials, a body of 'made + service' mode, effectively solve the data connection to the underlying equipment maintenance, maintenance fast response slow and reliability problems, direct and accurate to the pain points of the manufacturing equipment operational management and demand, promote realize intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing operations twin-engine advanced manufacturing industry development. If the customer can accept this point of view, it would be nice to do a lot of, the brush plating coating brush plating technology is limited by the amount of wear, brush brush plating coating thickness. Handlebar middle screw with sleeve or ring spanner, use cm wrench, screw can use a hammer down the parallel shock shock hard, and then using a wrench, open up and down the back and forth a few rounds down, ( Unloading loose) Hard otherwise it's easy to screw down the outside edge to 'circular', brings to the next step is difficult, the same screws on the front fork nor forced hard discharge 'if really hurt not to drop, rust inside spread to death, the' cutter 'cut it, the change what is in what! Step 5: get rid of the fork has broken eight bowl neck below is the block, block above is bead, bead is above the bowl, the upper bowl is above, a bead, flat wire, flat non-slip silk, and fixed screw, the adaptation of the elapsed time will cause varying degrees of wear beads apart, steel bowl is round, stop the ground deformation, under cover screw bumpy, need all change, when disassemble dishes to diagonal down, up and down so as not to break the 'neck' legacy frame tube. Value of axial expansion method is very simple: delta L = L x ( t- T x, to be sure, in the summer when installation, consider the shrinkage of equipment in the winter, especially for the northern region should pay attention to this. Repair process is simple: use the sauvy tooling repair process of wear surface processing in the first place, then put the carbon applied directly to a specific part of the wear and tear of polymer materials, complete the repair with repair tooling material molding and curing after heating.
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