Bearing is the typical symptom of failure - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
1, selection of grease or oil failure or mistakes. Countermeasures: to select the correct grease or oil, and check the compatibility of grease or oil. 2, the oil level is too low, lubricant from the loss of oil seal, bearing grease in the oven. Countermeasures: oil level should be slightly lower than the bottom one at the center of the roller, bearing grease filling about 1/3 to 1/2 in the space. 3, oil level is too high, or bearing box filled with grease completely, this will lead to lubricant full mixing and produce high temperature or spills. Countermeasures: add grease inside to 1/2; If the engine oil lubrication, oil level slightly below the bottom of the center of the roller. 4, bearing clearance is not appropriate, when there is heat flow through the axis, lead to the inner ring bloated. Countermeasures: check whether overheating bearing clearance is the design of the original scope, if so, please switch to a larger gap, to C3 and C3 to C4. 5, contact type ( Friction) Oil seal too dry or spring too tight. Countermeasures: change the contact type oil seal and lubrication oil seal surface. Six, bearing in the hole is not round, bearing box distortions, the bearing surface is not flat, cases of hole diameter is too small. Action: check the bearing box, inner hole, adjustment base pieces of uniform distribution. 7, rotating seal and gland are friction, friction or shoulder to the bearing sealing cover. Countermeasures; The inspection of the rotating shaft running clearance to avoid friction, and prevent the wrong is. 8, cross positioning or a shaft have two locating bearing, due to excessive axial expansion within the bearing clearance. Countermeasures: between the bearing housing and the end cover flange insert TAB to release bearing axial preloading. Will any bearing box end cover to offshoring, use TAB to get between the bearing box and the space between the outer ring, possible axial spring force on the outer ring, in order to reduce the axial shaft floating. 9, set set of locked too much. Countermeasures: relax fixed nut with the sleeve, lock again, to ensure that the rotation of the bearing can free. 10, with two or more of the bearing axis coupling, produce incorrect line deviation Angle or skewed. Countermeasures; By adjustment to adjust the right registration, to ensure that the axis of the coupling on a straight line, especially when the shaft has three or more bearing running at the same time, more attention. 11, shaft diameter is too large, leading to the inner ring expansion is overmuch, reduce the bearing clearance. Countermeasures: grinding trunnion, between the shaft and bearing inner ring for a proper fit. To switch to bearing radial clearance is big. 12, due to the material of bearing box hole stress after the aperture is too soft, cause the outer ring hole slippage in box. Countermeasures: improve housing material or processing a steel bushing to squeeze into the box, and then processing bushing hole to the correct size.
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