Bearing fault three identification method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Bearing mechanical devices for precision parts and components, how to want to factories to improve productivity, first of all mechanical equipment must be the best performance, and the relationship between mechanical equipment performance using one of the biggest - — Bearings. So the factory in the production and processing, must good check the bearing of the mechanical equipment. To be on the safe side, the bearing network sharing bearing fault three recognition method, hope to help everyone. 1, through the voice recognition through the voice recognition need to have a lot of experience. Must go through adequate training to achieve voice can identify the bearing and the bearing. Therefore, should as far as possible from staff to carry out the work. With listening gear or listening bar on the shell can be clearly heard the sound of the bearing. 2, through the work temperature identification belong to compare recognition method, this method is limited to use in place of running condition is not change. Therefore, must carry out continuous recording of temperature. Failure, the temperature rises not only, still will be irregular change. The method and voice recognition method and advisable. 3, through the state of lubricant, and the recognition of lubricant sampling analysis, through its pollution degree, whether into foreign body or metal powder, etc. The method for larger cannot close observation of bearing or bearing are particularly effective.
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