Vertical mill coal bearing housing and bearing and roller roller body wear common problems, such as knowledge of online repair - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
2, common failure analysis of the phenomenon and reason of 2. 1, bearing wear causes of the wear of the bearing chamber has a lot of, in addition to here more stress the main reason is the bearing chamber of the nature of metal, metal high hardness, but concession sex difference ( Cannot recover after a deformation) , low shock resistance, fatigue resistance performance is poor, so easy to cause adhesion wear, fatigue wear, bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber fretting wear and so on. 2. 2, bearing wear equipment in the process of long-term operation, the bearing temperature rise, under axial force and radial force at the same time, leading to the interference between shaft and bearing the fitting clearance size metal fatigue and appear, make produce between bearing and bearing a relative motion and aggravate the wear, and the quality problem of the bearing itself lubrication in the process of the use and maintenance does not reach the designated position, also easy to cause the bearing wear. 2. 3, roller roller wear causes of roller wear is usually caused by roller roller outer skin long time running after wear, companies often choose for surfacing welding roller skin, and roll skin every welding will produce a slight deformation, surfacing, the more the thicker the thickness of the overlaying welding, the greater the deformation, so it cannot assure arc degrees, at the same time also has the effect of thermal stress, roll skin appear small crack, cause body skin and roller appear gap cause the wear of the roll body, another reason is because the equipment running in use process, because of the unequal material will appear on the roller radial impact, produce larger vibration easily bolted looseness, if not timely keep good pre-tightening force of the bolt is extremely easy to cause the bolt pre-tightening force not enough lead to cooperate clearance, mating surface will appear between ontology and roll skin wear and maintenance repair, of course, is also the cause of the problem not in time, failed to timely repair roller wear is more hours lead to bigger and bigger until late wear roller skin damage equipment downtime. 3, traditional repair mode, and the blue pattern contrast at the site 3. 1, the traditional repair model for roller roller body wear and bearing, bearing housing and other transmission parts wear and tear, the traditional process often use after repair welding machine, or use the technology for processing such as electroplating, but no matter what technology, its biggest drawback is the equipment must be a large number of demolition of transportation, the investment of manpower is larger. Additional repair welding high temperature thermal stress can not completely eliminate, easy cause material damage, lead to crack of parts; And the brush plating coating thickness restrictions, easy to peel, and the above method is done with metal repair, can't change 'hard to hard' cooperate relationship, and can't achieve 100% matching surface, under the force combination, still can cause wear again. 3. 2, the blue field repair mode f the blue repair process, can adopt different according to different wear condition fixes. F the blue polymer composite material has excellent bonding power and mechanical performance, not only has the strength and hardness of metal, and its retreat, to remove the application of polymer composite materials to repair, to avoid machining, no repair welding thermal stress effect, repair the thickness is not restricted, can guarantee repair precision and meet the installation requirements. Application technology of the polymer composite materials can make the enterprise field repair quickly and efficiently in the first place, and the repair cost was lower than those of traditional repair process, the general business accounting according to wear is the amount of polymer composite material, further accounting repair costs, effectively avoid all kinds of time and economic losses, and belongs to cold welding technology, polymer composite materials to repair does not exist the problem such as thermal stress, can effectively avoid the secondary damage of base material. Such repair materials by blessing the blue metal repair material 2211 f performance is more reliable. 4, the blue repair process matters needing attention and application of image information. 4. 1, the blue note 4 repair process. 2, 1) application of image information The bearing chamber wear the application at the site picture 2) Bearing wear the application at the site picture 3) Roller roller body wear the application at the site photo 5, conclusion of zibo f the blue since it was founded in 2002, the company make full use of the comprehensive performance of composite materials, customize corresponding repair plan and the implementation of the rigorous scientific fix, changed the traditional repair method, the user's achieved on-site repair problems for a short period of time, ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Simple technology and low cost, the scene without big demolition, realize the reasonable control of the cost of production. In addition to the above, the blue technology products and other equipment in the cement industry transmission parts wear, PaoMaoDiLou, heat exchange equipment cleaning and other aspects of the widely used, not only saves maintenance funds for the enterprise, is the most important thing for the enterprise production downtime has been saved, also save manpower material resources, is the enterprise trusted partners.
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