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Turbine main shaft bearing a knowledge of maintenance - bearing wear

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Turbine shaft wear has always been a big problem concerned by enterprises, with hydropower station as an example, hydropower station maintenance personnel in the process of inspection found hydro-generator noise is too big, and the bearing temperature rising. Hydropower station overhaul preliminary judgment bearing damage, then stop change remove bearing, disassembly and found that after bearing spindle bearing wear, originally 120 mm diameter bearing wear has been more than 1 mm, rear axle shoulder also wear the 4 mm, in the face of such situation, head of the hydropower station first information equipment manufacturer, factory reply: the site does not have in axis condition, equipment need to return to factory, cycle is 15 - returned to the factory 20 days. Enterprise staff call the gas through a network of online technology, either does not support online repair, or turning, but the enterprise equipment not meet barring conditions now. Hydro-generator power failure the instantaneous rotation speed can be more than 1087 r/min ( Don't work power state speed of 428 r/min) To repair technology is also a severe test. Such cases, the emergence of sauvy carbon nano polymer technology to the enterprise a new train of thought. Sauvy repair technology is not used by the emergency response, is a set of mature and perfect, fast and efficient technology to repair, after repair, use the unit in accordance with the normal process lubrication bearing, don't appear such as bearing damage, holding in death of the improper use of cases, the service life of the repaired axis can even more than the service life of the shaft itself. The whole bearing repair a total of 4 hours of time, the concrete operation process is as follows: ( 1) Surface baked oil: oil using acetylene oxygen for baking, operation time control between 10 to 15 minutes; ( 2) Surface polishing: use the rough grinding polishing machine will surface, clean, improve sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7104 cohesive force. The whole grinding process control in 20 minutes or so; ( 3) Sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7104 dosage calculation, and according to the calculated results to reconcile SD7104; ( 4) Will reconcile good SD7104 evenly to the bearing surface, and rapid tooling installed; From the harmonic SD7104 to equipment installed, 10 minutes to complete the whole process; ( 5) SD7104 natural curing after 30 minutes, in the heat curing, the curing time is 2 hours. ( 6) SD7104 curing is complete, ready to heating bearing and remove the tooling work, both at the same time. Do simple tooling after the removal of surface processing, verify size of repair, remove to the surface of the excess material. Bearing heating to specify the temperature at the same time, the rapid installed, after repair.
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