The proper way to SKF bearing lubrication to reduce noise - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
There could be many factors affecting the service life of SKF bearing use may result in the factor and the internal friction has been further instructions, use. Used to adjust the main factor is the installation, use and maintenance, maintenance, such as conform to technical requirements. According to the bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of the technical requirements of the bearing contact load operation, speed, lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, found that the immediate cause of abnormal adjust back to normal. 1, choose suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature temperature is not too high to make the machine tool spindle and make the machine tool thermal deformation, affect the machining accuracy or make poor lubrication bearing, should according to the structure of the spindle bearing, speed and bearing clearance to choose appropriate temperature of lubricating oil and its good viscosity-temperature characteristics, prevent a spindle working temperature and environmental temperature change is big, the change of the viscosity is too large and affect its lubrication performance. 2, choose good lubricity to keep between spindle and SKF bearing contact surface have a uniform oil film, and in the main shaft impact load of oil film start or stop the movement also not dent, keep good lubrication performance plays a reduce friction and friction heat, lowering the temperature rise of the main shaft, ensure the machining accuracy requirements has good lubrication performance. 3, good oxidation resistance of machine tool spindle when using circulation lubrication method, for the main shaft bearing oil use for a long time without deterioration has good oxidation resistance is required. 4, good rust resistance due to the oil in the working process of the spindle lubrication system will inevitably mixed with condensed water or machine cooling fluid in the air, so the oil has good anti-rust property. 5, machine tool bearings are the main parts, precision machine tools and similar equipment to guarantee the working accuracy of precision machine tools and the use of performance is very important. Installation conditions for bearing one of the factors is often caused by incorrect installation package state changes between the parts of bearing force, the primary factor of the abnormal state of SKF bearing operating temperature, vibration, noise, and improve the quality of raw materials. The proportion of raw materials quality factors in the analysis of the bearing is markedly reduced, but it is still one of the main factors of bearing failure. Choose proper is still bearing failure analysis must be considered. Bearing manufacturing will through forging, heat treatment, cutting, lubrication condition, to monitor and check the proximate cause of the abnormal findings to adjust back to normal. Installation conditions is one of the factors of using bearing is often caused by incorrect installation package state changes between each part of the primary factors of bearing capacity in the abnormal operation status, and early termination of the main factors of inner life, refers to the structure design, high quality manufacturing process and material, there are three factors determine the quality of the bearing. Bearings are better than even the shape will into a low hum, injuries occur on noise, the noise will be in accordance with the SKF bearing speed collision and differences.
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