The jar of spindle bearing a repair, do you know the process? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Enterprise journal wear down when found to have very serious and set a fixed position set width direction have also been wear and tear, cannot continue to run equipment. Equipment large spindle is longer than the overall demolition repair hard, usually the process where you can think of? Traditional process due to the long time, has been the enterprise's first thought of. However the disadvantages or the actual operating conditions are very severe. Most of the enterprises under the condition of their own, as far as possible the choice of the operation is simple and it is best to online repair process. To say, today is a mature repair technology, especially about bearing a repair, obtained the excellent result, it is sauvy carbon nano polymer technology. So the question comes, sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer application technology rely on what to quickly finish for bearing repair work wear? After repair of precision and service life is how to guarantee? ( 1) At first sauvy industrial field repair technology for bearing wear has a complete set of repair scheme and the repair process, it is according to the different equipment, different forms, such as bearing fits the coaxial degree after fully considering the repair, shaft neck size tolerance, surface roughness, etc factors, adopts the mature is most suited to the environment of working conditions on site repair process to realize the fast repair purposes; ( 2) Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials and convenient operating performance is also an important factor, ensure rapid repair materials, the use of simple, convenient, don't need special tools, an engineer can realize the journal to return to work on the site. The whole repair process include: (1) surface treatment: baking oil, grinding, cleaning, realize the shaft repair rough surface, the purpose of a clean, dry; (2) harmonic sauvy carbon nano polymer materials, then apply evenly to the shaft surface; (3) using the technology of rapid prototyping at the site; (4) polymer materials natural curing; (5) clean surface, bearing a repair work done; 6. According to the requirements of all kinds of assembly complete bearing assembly work, bearing and other parts hot charging can be realized. ( 3) Sauvy carbon nano polymer material has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, the mechanical performance is different from the mechanical properties of the metal and the detection methods and the metal is very different and changed the traditional thinking in the process of application between metal and metal cooperation relationship with stress. Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials according to the bearing operating temperature mainly divided into two different models of SD7101H and SD7104. SD7101H mainly applied to within 80 ℃ environment, SD7104 is mainly used in the work environment within 170 ℃, the mechanical properties of which is similar. Carbon nano polymer materials have excellent compressive performance and the cohesive force, can satisfy all kinds of bearing a repair and mechanical requirements. ( 4) After repair, in addition to equipment operation required by the concentricity and other mechanical properties, at the same time the repaired surface with the surface of the bearing inner ring can achieve more than 95% of the surface, it is a fit between metal and metal cannot be achieved by matching area. ( 5) Sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7101H and SD7104 material has what metal does not have 'concession', at the same time do not have metal fatigue characteristics, in use process won't produce fatigue wear phenomenon.
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