The importance of TIMKEN bearing joints in lubricating oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
In order to guarantee the normal operation of TIMKEN bearing joints, and must have good lubrication, rated load and limiting speed of rolling bearings are under the assumption that lubrication to determine the appropriate conditions, the so-called lubrication is appropriate lubricant to choose appropriate, appropriate lubrication dosage, poor lubrication is often caused by one of the main cause of early damage of the bearing. According to statistics, about one-third of the bearing damage due to bad lubrication. TIMKEN bearing joints in rotation, the bearing wear and failure due to friction. Block rolling bearing rotating by rolling friction, sliding friction and lubricant friction resistance of three kinds of. When the rolling element bearing rolling on rolling rolling friction; Cage guide roller in the surface, keep guard guide surface and roller bearing in the roller end face and ring is happening on the guard sliding friction; The lubricant friction by the lubricant at the contact of internal friction and lubricant of mixing and extrusion. Thus the impedance TIMKEN bearing joints movement friction resistance is the three combined. And the purpose of lubrication is grease and lubrication way avoid race, rolling element and cage direct contact between metal, reduce friction heat, make to minimize friction, reducing wear and tear, prevent corrosion, prolong its service life. TIMKEN bearing joints about 80% use of lubricating grease. There are many types of bearing is the bearing factory to send the user to make use of their fat. So someone called the grease bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling body, keep frame four parts outside the fifth largest parts. Illustrate the importance of grease for bearings.
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