The implementation of the oil film bearing in rolling mill knowledge of specific steps - bearing lubrication optimization

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
( 1) Popularize knowledge of full excellent lubricating oil film bearing maintenance concept, establish people-oriented, lubrication lubrication is the first priority, and the oil film bearing lubrication equipment efficiency is the source of the scientific outlook on development. Need a complete lubrication system of the oil film bearing supply it has a certain pressure, constant temperature and flow rate of clean lubricating oil to work properly. Compared with the previous concepts, increased the 'clean' 2 words, this is my new understanding of oil film bearing full excellent lubrication, to understand the real meaning of 'clean'. How to implementation in the work, how to test and monitor, what is the standard of 'clean', after reaching the 'clean' for operation and maintenance of oil film bearing can have what effect and so on the series of the answer to the question, is one of the content of the full excellent lubrication, therefore, we must first through the various types of training seminar and professional knowledge popularize full excellent lubrication knowledge, understand the full excellent lubrication of the equipment management, make equipment to achieve the highest reliability and minimum downtime, low maintenance cost, minimum quality accident, the lowest energy consumption ( Electricity and oil) And minimum pollution of the environment the best management mode, which is one of the indispensable management in today's world advanced enterprises. ( 2) Establish oil analysis or testing center to cultivate qualified talents with high level of professional oil analysis laboratory established long-term relations of cooperation, as soon as possible to establish and gradually improve the lubrication condition monitoring equipment. So far, only a few domestic factories and build a oil analysis laboratory, and most of the lab is in the determination of some conventional lubricating oil physical and chemical performance indicators, there are few special talent management. For general of small and medium-sized enterprise although do not have to set up a complete set of oil analysis laboratory, training professional and technical personnel, but to learn from foreign advanced experience, first of all, there must be a qualified lubrication engineering technical personnel with professional oil analysis laboratory, in strict accordance with the requirements for lubrication monitoring and steps of long-term cooperation, including the determination of detecting position selection of monitoring time interval, accurate recognition of monitoring data, monitoring the correctness of the analysis, professional analysis of the monitoring report and expert guidance and so on. Ultimately reached via testing equipment lubrication oil of running status of equipment, monitoring, and analysis and judgment, the early fault diagnosis and failure analysis, so as to scientifically determine the equipment maintenance plan and strategy, minimize downtime, save the maintenance cost to improve the working efficiency of the equipment. ( 3) Creating a database of key equipment, digital management for equipment lubrication, and on this basis to develop the specific standards for the enterprise, the equipment, norms and system. Only targeted for the key equipment and key parts of long-term oil testing and monitoring, can effectively establish the expert system and database. To long-term tracking and maintenance of equipment, really achieve the modernization of equipment lubrication management. For rolling mill, the oil film bearing is a major ChengZaiJian, directly affect the efficiency and service life of the mill, there is a need for digital management, at the same time, the oil film bearing in rolling mill is independent of the lubrication system, easy detection and control of oil film bearing condition, usually large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises have specialized technical personnel and operators for the management and maintenance of oil film bearing lubrication equipment, as long as the full-time members of the necessary training and education, can effectively create an implementation of the oil film bearing lubrication optimization professional team, coupled with professional oil analysis laboratory, in accordance with the right steps and methods, from the lubricant into the factory acceptance, storage and use of to oil pollution control, function test, lubricating oil condition monitoring and analysis, make a test on a regular basis and expert analysis, to determine the oil film bearing condition analysis and use of lubricating oil, the oil film bearing in the current working status and processing opinion, to determine the oil film bearing installation or maintenance time, through the analysis of the building and long-term running database, can be found that the lack of the equipment operation and the insufficiency, avoid unnecessary waste of raw materials and equipment installation downtime. Reduce the equipment accident. And can be determined by the digital processing and to develop a management discipline of oil film bearing lubricating oil, the use of the oil film bearing maintenance methods and repair standards of oil film bearing, and a series of related rules and regulations, this is the oil film bearing of scientific modern management program. Oil film bearing lubrication management is part of the equipment lubrication management, if in large and medium-sized enterprises in China can actively develop equipment lubrication optimization, walk the advanced information society of modern mathematical science management way, spend a little education and training investment set up equipment lubrication optimization system, earnestly and lubrication oil analysis and fault diagnosis optimization work. This to reduce the equipment maintenance cost, the pursuit of maximum profits, improve enterprise of world competition ability has extremely far-reaching significance.
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