Routine inspection of plastics IKO bearing maintenance method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
IKO bearings before you will deliver the routine inspection to remove the oil seal packing, and turn it into oil containing 3% no acid washing gasoline or kerosene, rotate the outer ring and bracket will be washed thoroughly, rolling element and the raceway border, the requirements will be any hidden part of residual oil stains thoroughly clean off. Plastic bearings should be attached to clean after washing clean oil spray dry, in line with clean neutral lining paper work table to dry, or dry slowly in the far infrared drying oven. Since oil spray dry clean and dry or drying, the process may not turn the bearing ring, cage or any rolling element. Have dry or drying bearing should, in accordance with the provisions, drip into the lubricating oil and check for immediate delivery, outside surface without the plastic bearing oil film protection, in the whole process of inspection shall not directly touch the skin of hands, the operator should wear clean gloves, or hand coated with anti-rust agent, but the rust inhibitor must avoid hand IKO bearings with rolling surface, otherwise it will result in deviation of measurement results. IKO bearings in the check has been completed, should be used for immediate delivery or rust inventory processing, also should take to complete the entire inspection process, so as to avoid took too long to cause corrosion. Pay attention to the use of pure gasoline cleaning without oil can also cause corrosion. Bearing before the check has exiguity and check gauge block, standard parts, and measuring instruments used in the common place in the examination place a piece of metal plate, which can quickly make these objects of homogenization temperature and room temperature. Obviously, only the strict ready for work, to ensure the accuracy test results, in the whole process of checking the plastic bearings from corrosion. 1, cleaning: bearing will be removed to check, with photography method such as first and then record the appearance. In addition, the bearing will confirm the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then IKO bearings cleaning. A, bearing points of cleaning the rough washing and fine washing, plastic bearings can be put in use at the bottom of the container and on the metal frame. B, rough washing, oil using a brush to remove grease or adhesive. If at this time in oil rotating IKO bearings, pay attention to the rolling surface due to foreign bodies such as damage. C, fine cleaning, in oil slowly turn the plastic bearings, must be carefully. Commonly used cleaning agent for neutral aqueous diesel or kerosene, according to the need to sometimes use warm lye, etc. No matter use which kinds of detergent, often should filter clean. After cleaning, coating anticorrosive oil or antirust grease on the bearing immediately. 2, checking and judging: in order to judge removed IKO bearings can be reused, the plastic bearings to inspect the dimension precision, rotating accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, raceway surface, cage and seal rings etc. About the test results that can be used by bearing the judgement or master of bearing. Plastic bearing judgment standard according to the mechanical properties and important degree and inspection cycle. If you have the following injury, IKO bearings shall not be used again, must be replaced. A fracture and defect of bearing parts. B raceway surface material on the surface of the rolling strip.
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