Rolling bearing is bad? Why the engine crankshaft is sliding bearing? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Nowadays, the social rapid development, the progress of science and technology and an accompanying, most can show is the car slowly universal! As people's income increase slowly, a lot of families to travel or work easily, with certain economic ability and on the basis of steady income, have bought their own cars, after all, always drive more people, but few understand car, today small make up again and you share some little knowledge about the car, we all know that the core parts of a car's engine this thing, so the stand or fall of an engine, it depends on the inside of the engine parts, recently there are a car owner struggling with the question: why a crankshaft design for sliding bearing, instead of rolling bearing? And below small make up together to discuss this problem! First of all, the first simple introduction of the two bearing, sliding bearing is working under sliding friction bearing, he still has a name called the bearing shell, this kind of bearing reliability is high, and don't lock immediately when wear! And in the process of work is very stable and reliable, and is not too much noise. Rolling bearing relative to the sliding bearing, just sliding friction into rolling friction, purpose is to reduce friction loss. First small make up feel without rolling bearing, is largely because, if the rolling bearing was badly smashed and the lock will immediately in the situation, so in most of the high-speed shaft, multi-purpose are bearing shell, is not only the engine, is this, and are like large compressor USES is the bearing shell! And if pack rolling bearing on the engine crankshaft, feel there is no way to install, because everybody wants to know, rolling bearing of ball track cannot have stitched, if have this phenomenon, it is easy to damage, this is largely without the cause of the rolling bearing. Sliding bearing relative to the rolling bearing, there are a lot of rolling bearing no advantages, such as sliding bearing, in the case of lubricating oil is enough, whether impact resistance, or the life, noise, and the precision, small footprint, and so on merits, is rolling bearing does not have, so under the comprehensive consideration of xuzhou must use sliding bearing!
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