Roller press bearing wear repair steps - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Rolled the captain the use of the time, due to bearing a wear loose bearing and axial movement, with the increase of test bearing a wear, bearing gland of the bearing of impact and damage, at the same time bearing in bearing under the shock, vibration and metal loss caused by roller machine can't run, causing unplanned downtime to suspend production. The bearing is a bearing network for rolling machine wear, tell everyone about roller press bearing wearing repair steps of related knowledge. Roller press bearing wearing repair pictures of roller press bearing a wear repair steps are as follows: 1. First remove shaft with the parts; 2. Remove oil dirties, 4 z acetylene gas and oxygen flame will stay repair parts oil stains carbide; 3. Check the abrasion of journal, judge whether there is unworn datum; 4. According to the front axle of shoulder and shaft neck size adjustable caliper location dimension, and combining the before and after bearing a datum; 5. Determine the concentric; 6. Clean clean the bearing inner ring oil removal, and test and bearing until the reserved position; 7. Bearing a repair parts with grinding wheel piece of polished clean coarse, bared metal color; 8. Does not ethanol water clean bearing, dust does not impurities; 9. Uniform bearing inner ring carefully wipe besmear sauvy SD7000 release agent; 10. Calculate according to the journal wear is forecast to reconcile sauvy SD7101H materials; 11. To uniform coating closely sauvy carbon nano polymer materials in the repair parts, the first - Layer should be developed to repeatedly scraping avoid porosity or local defect; 12. Install the bearing rapidly to the predetermined position; 13. Dismantle the bearing material after curing, and clean up excess materials; 14. Check burnish of material surface and rough surface defect part; 15. A moderate amount of harmonic SD7101H material again, blade coating in the defect parts; 16. Rapid installation of bearing seat, and tighten the bearing according to the requirement and to measure the bearing clearance.
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