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Preheater fan bearing wear how to repair - bearing online

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Preheater fan, one of the most common equipment in cement enterprises. Always thought that the cement production enterprise is large energy consumption in production, national economy in cement production, the motor load power consumption, accounting for almost 30% of the cost, and drag the fan with high voltage motor holds a large proportion in the motor, for a cement production line with 25% ~ 30% of the electricity is used for various types of drag on the fan. Grinding materials such as preheater bag dust collecting of exhaust fan, exhaust fan, exhaust fan, electrical dust collector at kiln head pulverized coal mill fan, cement grinding cycle fan, cement mill classifier deduster main exhaust fan, etc. Preheater fan in the long run, bearing in metal fatigue, mating surface of bearing inner ring and the shaft by interference fit into a clearance fit. Long running process due to found it in a timely manner to the relative displacement of bearing inner ring and shaft, in turn, led to increasing bearing a surface wear. At the same time bearing operation maintenance does not reach the designated position is one of the leading cause of bearing wear. In short bearing damage factor is more, once the problem of the bearings, is bound to bearing with axial relative motion or sintering and damage of the shaft, such as not timely discovery process caused serious fan vibration or affect production for the downtime. According to the above situation, on the choice of a way to repair is more cautious. Sauvy carbon nano polymer technology using carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and the corresponding repair process online repair including roller press, roller mill, blower, hoist, motor, reducer and other large axial of wear and tear. Repair process is simple: use the sauvy tooling repair process of wear surface processing in the first place, then put the carbon applied directly to a specific part of the wear and tear of polymer materials, complete the repair with repair tooling material molding and curing after heating. Repair material size to the bearing design size, meet the requirements of chance in this area with ascension. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer material similar to a cold welding technology, on-line repairing process does not produce high temperature, good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and not be restricted by wear is in the process of repair. Carbon nano polymer materials in use process does not produce metal fatigue wear and tear on the premise of normal equipment maintenance, the service life of repaired even higher than the service life of the new parts. To sum up, sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials to repair all kinds of box body bearing chamber wear under repair with high efficiency, which can realize the online repair, comprehensive repair cost is low, to the enterprise equipment maintenance maintenance provides a powerful solution, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. The sauvy tooling repair process steps (1) & emsp; According to fan shaft drawings or measuring shaft neck size processing and the corresponding tooling; ②  Use of tooling and shaft with the restoration of the journal of concentric; ③  Repair parts surface oil removal, coarse grinding treatment; ④  Harmonic SD7101H material, and daub on repair parts; ⑤  Tooling wall brush SD7000; ⑥  Install tooling shaft neck size; ⑦  Measuring shaft neck size, heat load bearing.
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