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PC brick production line: this is the cause of damage, they are all accounted for a third - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
In the working process of the PC brick production line and other mechanical equipment, correct installation, use and maintenance of the bearing is very important, but in the actual operation problems are always emerge in endlessly. Silver horse small make up through a variety of materials, a third reason is that material fatigue damage; A third is poor lubrication; The other one-third are pollutants into the bearing improper handling or installation. The following is a common form of bearing damage and the reason, for reference only! 1) The raceway surface and roller surface is full of dents. Keep on particulate matter and the raceway surface wear, grease, Agent) Become angry. Usually this kind of circumstance is the result of impurity in the installation process. When installation should keep clean, use the new grease, check whether the seal is in good condition at the same time. 2) The wear and tear of improper lubrication. Surface wear is a mirror, color is blue or brown. Due to insufficient lubrication when the situation, should be lubricated condition, to determine the lubrication cycle and oil seal. 3) The dent that caused by improper installation. Inner and outer ring work surfaces have the dent spacing is equal to the distance between the roller. The reason for this is that when installation not hitting on the right ring, or on the cone shaft promote excessive, or in the stationary state load caused by overload. 4) The dent caused by foreign bodies. Work surface and roller surface is full of dents, may be a PC brick production line equipment during transportation, installation into foreign matter or foreign body and the surrounding environment such as lubricant. Bearing installation clean, use a clean lubricant and check the oil seal. 5) Roller end surface scratch. In the penal friction roller end face and guiding, notch and discoloration. This situation is due to the excessive axial load caused by sliding or insufficient lubrication. This damage can choose higher viscosity of lubricant. PC brick production line equipment is a high tech intelligent equipment, high automatic production capacity, therefore, in daily production using PC brick production line equipment before and after are for daily cleaning and maintenance work, to ensure the longevity of PC brick production line equipment.
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