Parsing the TIMKEN bearing import key - bearing repair and maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Usually TIMKEN bearing repair and maintenance, not only can prolong the service life of imported bearings, bearings can prevent sudden failure occurs, and determined the replacement time, to avoid bearing damage cause unnecessary loss. Today let's talk about TIMKEN bearing repair and maintenance. TIMKEN bearings, before testing, we used to examine the first block gauge, standard parts and measuring instrument, metal inspection office location offices, make these objects can quickly make homogeneity of temperature and room temperature. We then dry or dry TIMKEN bearings, oil drip irrigation for immediate delivery inspection, at this time of the bearing outer surface to protect the whole inspection process film no direct contact with the skin of human, the operator should wear clean gloves, or hand painted with rust, but must avoid mixing and rolling bearing rust inhibitor on the surface of the hand, otherwise it would be the deviation of measurement results. TIMKEN bearing delivery until cancel the routine inspection, can seal, and immersed in acid free and 3% of gasoline or kerosene wash oil, turn the outer ring, and carefully rinse cage, rolling element and raceway border, need any hidden parts of the original trace residual oil, rinse thoroughly. Bearing after cleaning, should pay attention to clean and dry cleaning your friends, with a clean neutral dry in the bench, or far infrared drying oven is slow. Because even dry cleaning friendly dry or drying, the process should not close the TIMKEN bearing ring, cage or rolling elements. TIMKEN bearing import in the check has been completed, shall be immediately delivered or rust counting process, seize the entire inspection process should be done so as not to cause corrosion for long. Pay attention to the pure gasoline use clean oil, also can cause corrosion. Bearing repair and maintenance, rather than a simple repair and preventive maintenance we must strictly abide by the bearing of preventive measures, in order to avoid damage in the process of the repair of bearing, bearing professional maintenance personnel recommended by operation.
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