Needle roller bearing running abnormal temperature conditions in the process of how to solve?

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Needle roller bearing, in general, will heat up, since we started running in over a period of time, that is, at a lower temperature ( Usually higher than the room temperature 10 ~ 40 degrees) In the norm. To the normal time, depending on the bearing size, form, method of rotation speed, lubrication, TIMKEN bearing import conditions around the change and different, generally it takes 20 minutes to several hours at this time. Needle roller bearing temperature do not meet the normal and abnormal temperature, can consider to the following reasons, moreover should stop and take the necessary measures as soon as possible. Temperature to keep the TIMKEN bearing import appropriate life and prevent oil deterioration is critical, such as advice: try to control in the high temperature condition ( Is 100 degrees commonly the following) Use the most ideal. The main reason of abnormal temperature rise of lubricating oil too much or too little. The installation of the bearings. TIMKEN import bearing internal clearance is too small, or too much load. Seal friction is too large. Lubricant. Cooperate with the creep. Rolling bearing is a bearing noise itself, namely bearing the inherent noise; The other is a bearing installed before the noise, has nothing to do with the noise of the bearing itself. By listening to sounds can be analyzed out some problems. 一) Inherent noise: race 'all kinds of bearings and rolling friction ( Cylindrical roller bearing) The voice of the rolling bearing is inherent. 'Race is made up of elastic properties of the rolling element and raceway contact, when the needle roller bearing rotating roller rolling on the rolling and send out the voice of a continuous and smooth; B) Tremolo ( All kinds of bearing) C) When the rolling bearing raceway surface or body surface is damaged, pit corrosion, so can produce a certain cycle of noise and vibration. When the needle roller bearing in operation will produce contamination noise have dust intrusion. This noise is periodically also accompanied by the sound vibration is not fixed, sometimes no. The vibration of the needle roller bearing on bearing failure effect is obvious. Such as peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the bearing vibration test so through the use of special bearing vibration measurement device ( Frequency analyzer and vibration meter, etc. ) Can measure the size of the vibrations through the frequency distribution can deduce the specific situation of the abnormal vibration measured values due to the use of needle bearing conditions or sensor installation position and therefore need different measurements of each machine in advance decision criteria determined after analysis and comparison.
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