Needle roller bearing combination design when considering the fixed way

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
To be able to give full play to the efficiency of bearing in the machine, in addition to choose the type of match system and types, but also the right combination structure planning. This needle roller bearing is the same, the needle roller bearing combination planning includes what? The combination of the needle roller bearing structure planning contains a shafting bearing structure side; Bearings and related parts of collaboration; Bearing lubrication and sealing; Forward and stiffness of the bearing system, and so on, this is all demand reach policy, otherwise the needle roller bearing will not be able to normal operation. Besides, there are about needle bearing fixed way, assuming that were both ends fixed, each bearing a under the direction of the bearing force, then promised to axis operations with a small amount of thermal expansion. In formal equipment needle roller bearing, there should be zero. 25mm- 0. 4 mm axial space, can through the gasket or screw scheduling in detail. But this kind of fixed way will constraint the two-way movement of needle roller bearing, so commonly used in some homework right temperature changes little axis, use the time to consider thermal elongation, and leave compensation between bearing cover and the outer end face. Assume only a two-way fixed to one end of the needle roller bearing, the other end of the words stick to swim, can guarantee the bearing elasticity of cent to free swimming. The fixed end of the needle roller bearing is mainly composed of single bearing or bearing set hand carry two-way axial force, in order to avoid falling loose, winding bearing internal scale and to the fixed axis. In the whole structure, use the needle roller bearing for swimming fulcrum, bearing outer ring and bearing frame fixed demand, relying on the swimming between the roller and the ring to ensure comfortable elastic bearing, bearing normal operation.
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