Jiaxing bearing | angular contact bearing equipping and pre-tightening technology and influence

by:Waxing     2020-11-19
There is rotational, have HRB bearing ( ) Jiaxing bearing group sales co. , LTD. ( The company) Is bearing group co. , LTD. Established in jiaxing spot sales window, specializing in HRB brand bearings, facing the whole country, the existing stock 50 million yuan, covers the whole bearing, have very strong spot supply, is the group's retail sales center. Normally, supporting group contact Angle contact ball bearing, the following is the author to introduce the allowed the pre-tightening force and axial load, beyond the rated for part of the bearing will be unloaded when the axial load, causing the ball sliding, and lead to premature failure of the bearing. To avoid unloading phenomenon ( Improve the unloading force) , can increase the bearing of load or using different contact Angle of bearing to piece together. To meet the requirements of bearing capacity and stiffness of bearing, angular contact ball bearings in use process can be used in a variety of modes of equipping, and the bearing after equipping performance for most exerted in the particular conditions of use, the selection of appropriate pre-tightening force is extremely critical. Right not only can increase the stiffness and prestressing force can also reduce the noise and improve the orientation precision of the axis, extending the service life of the bearing, improve the rotary accuracy, and can prevent the rapid start/stop the application, the ultra light load or empty load cases such as slippage phenomenon. 1, angular contact bearings way of equipping different contact Angle of the bearing and the contact Angle of the same bearing has the same way of equipping, according to the number of matched bearing, its means of equipping can be divided into the double, triple and quadruple, etc; According to the direction of the matched bearing can classify different again. Different forms of contact Angle bearing equipping: DB, TBT, QBC and DBT, bearing A, B, the contact Angle of aA = 25 respectively & deg; ,aB = 15度; 。 2, angular contact bearing preloaded way of angular contact ball bearing in use process, usually adopt axial preload the pre-tightening methods have two locating preloaded and constant pressure preload: : positioning preload is through matched bearing itself or primary inside and outside the circle of spacer to make matched bearing spacing remains the same, so that the bearing to obtain appropriate pre-tightening, due to the bearing working condition and the external environment, the influence of bearing seat size and bearing parts also can produce corresponding change, which affect the bearing pre-tightening condition. Way using the preload is helpful to improve the stiffness of bearing, but should pay attention to the change of pre-load effect the performance of the bearing. : constant pressure preload is the use of helical spring, butterfly spring, such as elastic element, make the bearing is suitable preload in bearing parts. , using constant pressure preload bearing under normal conditions of movement does not affect the load, the bearing stiffness level is low, so is suitable for high speed rotating occasions, but does not apply to need high stiffness, load-bearing direction change or may appear uncertain impact load bearing applications. If you are more interested in jiaxing bearing group co. , LTD. The author introduces the information or have any questions, please click on the website on the right side of the online customer service or call:, you full close jiaxing bearing purchasing consultant company. - - - - - - Editor: jiaxing bearing sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved, The company) Reprint please indicate the source
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