How to develop the improve needle bearing further work

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
With the further development of the industrial technology, the industrial application of needle bearing will be further expanded, the needle roller bearing will further deepen the research and development work, there will be more kinds of. Work good performance with needle bearing. The needle roller bearing inner ring or outer ring by bearing steel bushing with molding groove ( And rolling element contact section) And mild steel bearing bushings ( And needle bearing housings or shaft contact section) And containing glass fiber, carbon fiber or metal fibre material of polymer-based x or sandwich. Make its load capacity, speed limit and fatigue life and steel needle roller bearing, but it has a light weight, shock absorption, noise reduction and the advantages of low cost. Compared with the metal bearing, needle roller bearing tribology performance test, friction and wear mechanism, fatigue life, the quality control standards and specifications are rarely needle bearing information. Subject to further research work. Needle roller bearing is a proven solution, to overcome the problem, without having to remove the shaft or specify a new packing size, at the same time provide a good sealing surface wear axis. The design of the needle roller bearing is a new generation of S, even the overall sealing performance of the system have further improved. The above content hope to bring help, for more information please continue to pay attention to changzhou yau shing bearing! We will serve you wholeheartedly! Remember the company website is: http://www. czyczc。 com/
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