High IQ of bearing wear repair technology - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Control, put an end to sudden equipment problems to ensure the safety of enterprise continuous production is the focus of the enterprise operational work. But influenced by the objective environment and the related factors, sudden equipment problems often hard to avoid, light person outage does not shut down, the person that weigh cause production. So for bearing wear what, to give you a recruit intelligent bearing wear repair technology. Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials technology from the United States, served in military and aviation. Be successful in the introduction of equipment maintenance of remanufacturing and high-end manufacturing played a major role, especially in bearing wear emergency repair, successfully solves the existing various shortcomings of the traditional repair process, not only help enterprises to greatly cut down the cost of the large equipment management and greatly shortens the unplanned downtime of the enterprise, help enterprises to greatly improve the level of the equipment maintenance management. Anshan iron and steel group, a subsidiary company of 405 m2 sintering machine spindle bearing severe wear, enterprise in traditional welding process of schedule (but remove the discovery after wear size is too big Unilateral 30 mm above) To implement. In this case, the enterprise because there is no plan, combined with the plan down time is shorter, if you can't be settled as soon as possible will cause a major outage. Seek for the solution under this background, the enterprise, after evaluating the determination by sauvy carbon nano polymer technology. Sauvy technical team overnight drove one thousand miles to anshan instruct maintenance, the anshan iron and steel group, the management of the consistent high praise and recognition. Related equipment parameters are as follows: 405 m2 sintering machine spindle drive side bearing wear; Trunnion: 530 mm; Bearing a 493 mm wide; Unilateral wear size 30 mm above. Bearing a emergency repair sauvy carbon nano polymer materials technology advantage analysis: 1. High reliability; Sauvy peculiar to carbon nano polymer material mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical resistance properties, such as effective guarantee the reliability of the repaired; 2. Simple repair technology, on-site repair, also can be machined fix, no special equipment or tools, there is no requirement to fix size, and the repair time is short; Normally 2 - 4 hours to repair and restore production can be realized; 3. Generating heat stress, the damage material; 4. After repair of contact area can achieve 100%; 5. Repair cost is low; 6. Reduce the labor intensity and dramatically reduce the unsafe hidden danger in construction; 7. Environmental protection. Sauvy carbon nano polymer repair bearing wear, solves the actual problem. Confirmed sauvy technology in bearing wear repair has simple operation, can online repair, repair time is short, low repair cost advantages, for the enterprise to solve the bearing wear repair problems, reduced because of the wear of the loss, become an important means of enterprise equipment operations. Such a high IQ of repair technology, did not benefit the enterprises a great tool.
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