By cleaning method of reducing the noise of a ball screw bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Removed in order to distinguish the ball screw bearing can be able to use, check after the ball screw bearing wash clean. Check the raceway surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the state, adhere to the wear condition, the increase of the bearing clearance and has nothing to do with dimension precision landing damage, abnormal. Non separation small ball bearing, the extent of support to inner ring with one hand, rotate the outer ring can confirm fluently. Bearing maintenance: ball screw bearing cleaning: removing bearing under repair, first recorded appearance of ball screw bearing, confirm the residual stock of smooth agent, sampling inspection with the smooth agent, after washing the bearing. Common use gasoline, kerosene as a cleaning agent. Bearing the removing of ball screw bearing maintenance, cleaning first records bearing appearance, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sampling inspection with lubricant, bearing. Common use gasoline, kerosene as a cleaning agent. Tear open come down to the bearing cleaning, coarse and fine fine cleaning cleaning, respectively in the container, first put on the metal mesh at the bottom of the bearing is not direct contact with dirt from the container. Coarse when cleaning, if to spin bearing with dirt, can damage the bearing rolling surface, should be pay attention to. In coarse clean oil, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive, after clean, roughly into fine cleaning). Fine cleaning, ball screw bearing side rotation in the cleaning of oil, while carefully cleaned. In addition, the clean oil is always kept clean.
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