Bearing wear on-line maintenance technology collection - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Huarun cement vertical mill bearing wear problems, according to the two and the degree of wear of the bearing, respectively formulate different repair plan, including fixed bearing wear parts is complete repair datum, can directly take the research process through two shave research done quick fixes. But free side bearing bearing installation location has no fixed datum, the more serious wear and tear, and the depth of the unilateral up to 3 mm, in order to guarantee the precision and the repair of the bearing, it must be to find and establish new repair datum, the datum plane size for precise measurement, and then according to the measured size and the structure of bearing inner hole machining corresponding tooling, tooling need to meet the conditions of the processing technology is simple, 2 hours to complete the processing, and processing precision can completely satisfy the accuracy requirement of repair process required. Bearing wear, in conjunction with the enterprise through 2 hours to complete the free lateral bearing repair tooling production, so that both bearing roller rocker arm are satisfied to study the conditions for repair, can guarantee complete repair two bearing eight hours. Two radial roller bearing repair (a total of 10 hours time Contains the tooling time to repair) 。 Bearing wear online repair using sauvy technology concrete operation process is as follows: ( 1) Surface baked oil: oil using acetylene oxygen for baking, operation time control between 10 to 15 minutes; Baked oil bearing processing ( 2) Surface polishing: use the rough grinding polishing machine will surface, clean, improve sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7101H cohesive force. The whole grinding process control in about 30 minutes; Bearing surface polishing treatment ( 3) Calculate the amount of carbon nano polymer material, and according to the calculation results and materials; ( 4) Will reconcile good material evenly to the surface of the bearing seat, and quickly to scrape materials research. Scraping the inquiry process ensure the accuracy of the blow grind continuity and scraping the inquiry; Blade coating sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials ( 5) Natural curing materials after 30 minutes, remove excess material surface and edges, and then on the second blow grind; ( 6) Two scraping the inquiry, after the completion of the iodine tungsten lamp on bearing surface heating, heating curing time control in 2 hours, control the heating temperature of 60 ℃; Blade coating sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials ( 7) Material completely cured, use sandpaper to remove the surface of the glaze, and use anhydrous ethanol or acetone clean; ( 8) Again a few harmonic sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer material, apply evenly to the surface of the repaired, rapidly bearing installed, complete the repair. Restored, can be seen from the whole repair process, sauvy technology to the whole process is very simple and quick fix, without tedious process steps and a large number of tools, but many details need to strictly control the repair process.
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