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Bearing the main damage form of wear, fatigue pitting and cracking, etc - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Automotive automatic transmission as a new type of actuator, is car automation of a new development stage, the development is extremely fast. The earliest modern significance of automatic transmission is by gm in 1939 oldsmobile department development, it is composed of hydraulic coupler and planetary gear mechanism of four gear automatic transmission. In 1948, used on the buick car automatic transmission. At the same time, countries such as Britain, the former federal republic of Germany in the production of cars that have adopted the automatic transmission. Has experienced more than half a century of development, the world's largest car manufacturing nations formed a group of professional production company, automatic transmission and advanced technology, structure and performance are also constantly improve, especially in recent years, along with the electronic technology and the application of the automatic control technology in automotive electronic control automatic transmission, can be achieved with the best match of engine, and can get the best economy, power performance, safety, and achieve the goal of reducing engine exhaust pollution. Bearing the main damage form such as wear, fatigue pitting corrosion and rupture. ( 1) Variable speed drive shaft all rolling bearings should be flexible rotation, rolling element and the inner and outer circle can not have pitting, pits, scabbing and burning, or should be replaced. ( 2) Bearing radial clearance shall not exceed the specified value, rolling bearing and the bearing hole, with the shaft neck or gear should comply with the requirements of technical conditions, it should be replaced.
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