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Bearing seal type - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Keep good lubrication condition in order to make the bearings and normal working environment, give full play to the performance of the bearing, prolong service life, the rolling bearing must have appropriate sealing, in order to prevent the leakage of lubricants and the invasion of the dust, moisture or other contaminants. Bearing seal can be divided into two categories, own seal and seal. The so-called bearing with seal is made bearing itself into a sealing device. Such as bearing with dust cover, sealing ring, etc. This seal take up the space is small, easy installation and disassembly, cost is low. The so-called bearing and sealing device, is in the installation end cover etc. { TodayHot} In-house manufacturing into a sealing device has a variety of performance. The choice of bearing and seal should consider the following several major factors: 1. The bearing lubricant and types ( Grease and oil) ; 2. The size of the bearing work environment, take up the space; 3. Shaft supporting structure advantages, allowing the angular deviation; 4. The circumference of the sealing surface speed; 5. The working temperature of bearing; 6. The manufacturing cost. Plus seal is divided into non-contact and contact. Points above are as follows: 1) Non-contact sealing non-contact sealing is seal and its relative motion parts don't contact, and there is proper clearance seal. This form of seal, almost do not produce friction heat in the work, no wear and tear, especially suitable for high speed and high temperature occasion. Commonly used non-contact seal clearance, all kinds of different structure forms, such as type labyrinth and washer respectively applied in different situations. Non-contact seal clearance is better to as small as possible. 2) Contact sealed contact seal is sealed with relative motion of the parts in contact and no gap seal. Due to seal the seal, direct contact with mating parts in the work of friction is bigger, calorific value is big, easy cause poor lubrication, contact friction losses, resulting in the sealing effect and performance degradation. Therefore, it is only applicable to medium and low speed working conditions. Contact seal commonly used have felt seal, cup sealing structure, applied to different occasions. According to the bearing working condition and working environment requirement for sealing on the engineering design is often integrated use of various seal form, in order to achieve better sealing effect.
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