Bearing a hot light machine wear site repair field manual - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
In October 2018, the enterprise a hot light machine roller surface appear larger vibration in the process of production, on-site equipment management personnel arrangement for overhauling found that drive side bearing wear problem, because there is no enough down time and at the same time there are no reliable solution, at the request of the enterprise equipment management after pitting assembly bearing on bearing a way of emergency repair. Boot wear appeared again two days later, the vibration value is more and more big, the enterprise after removal of bearing pad of the copper foil way again a second emergency processing, equipment operation after a day of vibration will appear again. Enterprise equipment management during this time through the network search to find and contact sauvy industrial engineer in communication for the equipment problem analysis, formulate the detailed fixes. Due to the large equipment parts, traditional method time-consuming to labor intensity effect also is bad, the enterprise in the in-depth exchanges and communication with sauvy engineers quickly determine on the basis of the cooperation, in order to ensure the using effect and to resume production as soon as possible, decided to adopt sauvy enterprise carbon nano technology to repair on-site repair. At the scene of the first sauvy engineer equipment downtime to issue the work at the site for the device. Hot light machine drive side bearing wear problems and the cause analysis: hot light machine spindle transmission by use of 11 kw motor pulley, bearing type: 22220 ca; Bearing diameter: & Oslash; 100mm; The roll diameter: & Oslash; 350毫米; The device speed: 1460 r/min; Wear depth: 0. 6毫米; Roller surface temperature: 230 ° C; Bearing parts of the operating temperature of 80 ~ 100 ° C production capacity: 10 / d. Sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology, the use of carbon characteristic of the mechanical properties of polymer materials, cooperate with the corresponding repair process, the online repair the axial wear problem of all kinds of industrial equipment. Repair process is simple: use the sauvy tooling repair process to ensure the repair concentricity, then using carbon nanotubes polymer SD7104 cooperate to repair the tooling complete bearing wear size of recovery, to that of the mating surface of bearing inner ring reaches 100%. At the same time in the repair process to ensure the bearing pre-tightening, satisfy the requirement of the bearing assembly interference quantity, operating efficiently avoid the existence of the gap to meet demand. Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials technology field repair bearing wear steps: 1, the surface treatment: the wear of bearing cleaning, grinding and other necessary processing; 2, empty be on probation: the processing of repair equipment installed, check the positioning size tolerance; 3, brush demoulding agent: in inner surface brush SD7000 repair tooling release agent; 4, harmonic, daub restorative materials: in accordance with the proportion of mixed sauvy SD7104 carbon nano polymer materials, evenly to repair the bearings; Harmonic sauvy SD7104 carbon nano polymer materials, fixed repair tooling: use the positioning pin bolt fixture after is it orientate to go on tooling and make extra material extrusion; 6, material curing: room temperature cured with iodine tungsten lamp heating to repair tooling and shaft neck, curing temperature control below 80 ° C 3 hours; After loosening bolts 7, remove the repaired tooling: remove the equipment and the surrounding redundant material removal; 8, bearing assembly: bearing in bearing heater heating expansion drive, hot charging bearing finish repair with lock nut fastening.
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