Type coal pressure ball machine equipment bearing the importance of knowledge and use requirements - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing type in coal pressure ball machine equipment plays a very important role, the service life of bearing quality decided to pressure the ball machine and running time, bearing also points of various models and the series, its manufacturing precision and performance also indirectly determines the mechanical type coal pressure ball machine equipment manufacturing precision and performance, choose not to cause type coal bearing pressure ball machine equipment cannot run for a long time or is unable to function properly, so according to the different operation load of pressure ball machine to choose corresponding suitable bearing is the most suitable choice. When we choose type coal pressure ball machine bearings, usually choose tablet bearing, deep groove ball bearings, type for the suppression of coal bearing load is not large, and the bearing assembly method is simple, the price is not high also, used for ordinary coal pressure ball machine is one of the most affordable. Have higher request for pressure ball machine pressure type coal pressure ball machine equipment, the load is on the high side, using spherical roller bearing is suitable, both the heart function, and can bear larger load, but the price will be higher than plate bearing on much better. And powder pressure ball machine, produced during the production of the work load is great, be about to choose three kinds of double row cylindrical roller bearing series, can bear radial load, also can withstand the axial load, good stability, robustness and durability, but the price is more expensive, a set of bearing will be more than five thousand. The bearing assembly form is more complicated, which requires a hot assembly.
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