Thrust angular contact ball bearing cleaning maintenance basic principles - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
This part of the process is thrust angular contact ball bearings of the main working procedure, the process of inspection is the main difference in locomotive repair industry manufacturing industry. Into repairing bearing can continue to use, how to satisfy the use requirement, will be central to this part of the process to solve the question. 1, before cleaning, first check the status of grease to keep basin and to identify and determine the effectiveness of the current refueling, fill oil system. For hair second oil state of physical and chemical examination, qian, harden, agglomerate, oil analysis, thinning, color and other degenerative conditions, to determine and judge the rationality of the aging oil change cycle, adjust the oil change period and fill oil system. 2. Bearing cleaning degree is to restore thrust angular contact ball bearings and bearing parts inspection measurement necessary link. To try to erase the old dirt grease before cleaning, be careful not to turn the bearing in the process of operation, to avoid collapse into impurities in the process of strain rolling working face; Move the bearing to should take put down gently, to prevent bruising. Adhere to the principle of combined use and maintenance, operators do merit in bearing daily maintenance work, Manage, use, maintenance, good) , sihui ( Use, maintenance, will check and troubleshoot) , SanDong ( Understand the structure, principle, understand performance) 。 All kinds of bearing the operator ( The driver) , must be trained, achieve the thrust angular contact ball bearing operating knowledge of technical grade will ask, after the examination, obtain operation certificate can mount guard. We will strictly implement daily maintenance ( Maintenance) And regular service ( Maintenance) System. As usual, the daily maintenance: the operator per shift for maintenance, inspection including shift; In the class check thrust angular contact ball bearing is normal operation; After cleaning, maintenance, found hidden danger, ruled out in a timely manner. Adhere to the principle of reasonable planning, scientific maintenance, thrust angular contact ball bearing maintenance work focus, improve the quality of maintenance work, reduce downtime, improve the bearing operation efficiency. To do this it has to do reasonable planning, preventive maintenance plan, at the same time pay attention to the scientific maintenance method, in order to achieve the maximization of efficiency.
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