Three-phase asynchronous motor bearing is how clean? Actually very simple - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Three-phase asynchronous motor use after a period of time, if the bearing is not cleaning or washing is not correct, can lead to bearing life shorten, the efficiency lower, so it is very important to the bearing maintenance and maintenance, today small make up teach you two simple commonly used cleaning method of bearing.     Motor is in commonly used after 2000 hours should be cleaning and refueling. Take a look at the bearing cleaning method. A, the cleaning method (comparing to conventional 1) The bearing in the kerosene soak 5 - 10 minutes, squeeze the inner ring with one hand, another hand turn the outer ring, bearing on the dry oil or rust cream will fall down. Then put the bearing into the clean kerosene, with soft hair brush to wash, put them in gasoline cleaning, put out with clean paper. Centripetal spherical ball bearing and short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning should be ball, pearl, the inner ring and outer ring off to clean. ( 2) Mounted on the shaft bearing cleaning, relied on pour oil or oil gun spraying method, wash oil with kerosene after first use gasoline; Difficult to clean off the oil, with 100 - 200 ℃ hot oil leaching or oil gun spraying, and then clean with gasoline. Don't use a sharp tool to scrape knot hard bearing oil dirties, in order to avoid damage to the bearings and roller slot ring parts of the finish and rinse with a clean dry cloth. Second, use the method of hot oil to wash ( 1) Due to the use of long, soft dry oil or rust cream hardening bearing, should dip in 100 - 200 ℃ in hot oil, clamp bearing with forceps, brush with wool clean oil bearing. Soft dry oil or rust creams are heated to 100 - 200 ℃, melting, from a crack in the bearing of flushed out very easily. Sometimes as long as bearing many swing in oil. The oil into crevices from. ( 2) In cleaning the old motor or import of centripetal spherical bearing, you should put the ball, pearl frame transverse transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning roller, beads, also should be the inner ring and outer ring off. ( 3) In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃.
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