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by:Waxing     2020-06-03
23022 - 2 cs2 / C4 is sealed spherical roller bearings SKF belt, and the appearance of 23022 cc/W33 size is the same, only the two sides of the sealing ring. See such bearing long what appearance.     Spherical roller bearings, there is a share of the spherical raceway outer ring, there are two inner ring raceway. Has the function of automatic self-aligning spherical roller bearing can withstand the high radial load, also can withstand the axial load in both directions, and the Angle between the shaft and bearing error or under shaft deflection.     SKF sealed spherical roller bearings, it is to pack sealing ring in the outer ring of the threaded, sealing ring of the sealing lip is contact with inner ring seal. Seal products structure below.     SKF spherical roller bearing seal bearing seal commonly used material for: & emsp;   Nitrile rubber (in pieces NBR)     Nitrile rubber (pieces of tsinghua HNBR)     Mixer fluorine rubber ( FPM)     Infuse the extreme pressure grease sealed bearing and can be used in normal under 70 ℃, when half the speed of the bearing is less than the limit of the product speed, can need not add grease. When bearing use under high temperature and high speed, can complement and original bearing inner add grease performance consistent grease. If you must want complement lubrication, before the installation of the bearing be necessary to remove the plastic cover on the outer ring lubrication hole, when adding grease, will slowly into the outer ring of lubricating grease hole, and rotating bearing, can make the new grease evenly distributed in the bearings. Complement the quantity of adding grease only need a small amount of, don't add too much. In the process of adding, should avoid too much pressure, in case of damage to the seal. If the outer ring with no lubricating oil hole, can't again for lubrication, must not to pry open the lid to add grease! ! !     SKF spherical roller bearing of the internal structure and the general structure of open type bearing is the same, like the 23022 - 2 cs2 / C4 the appearance of this product is the same size and 23022 ca/W33, prefix is BS2 - only 22 and BS2 - And the seal of this series product, its width is slightly greater than 222 and 223 series type products, other dimensions are the same. Sealed bearings with cylindrical hole, generally cone hole products need to reach a certain batch can be customized.     When sealed bearing installation, in order to prevent the sealing ring, the diameter of the shoulder is not greater than the diameter of the inner ring end surface. If you use a lock nut should be fixed on the shaft, it is recommended to use KMFE lock nut or add spacer ring between the bearing and the nut. The diagram below.     SKF 23022 - 2 cs2 / C4 spherical roller bearing suffix code meaning is as follows: & emsp;   2 cs2: bearings on both sides of the steel skeleton of fluorine rubber contact with a seal. On the outer diameter with oil lubrication and three oil hole, and covered with a plastic band, injection of polyurea base high temperature lubricating grease.     C4: bearing radial clearance for the four groups, the clearance value is 0. 17 ~ 0. 22mm。     ( The above content for hk bearing network bearing engineer writing and finishing, please leave a message if you have any questions. )     Hk united bearing focus bearing industry informationization service nearly 20 years, with many excellent bearing enterprise grows together, also witnessed China's bearing production technology from low to high development process. We will adhere to continue, the steadfast work, don't, don't give up, for the benign development of Chinese bearing industry do render some.
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