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The use of website bearing its product material requirements

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Website bearing its product material requirements of bearing is a Japanese brand, the company is mainly do is rolling bearing, such as micro and small ball bearings, rod end bearing and spherical bearing, roller bearing, bearing sleeve, large and medium-sized ball bearings, machine tool bearings, etc. Today the author choose one carefully explain for everyone! Machine tool bearings, machine tool bearing is the ball bearing used in industrial machinery, relative to the small ball bearings, ball bearings and the material is different, the number of the structure are paid more attention to the durability. Ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearings, the spherical alloy steel ball, steel ring and the outer steel ring in the middle of the installation, to scroll way to reduce the friction in the process of power transfer to and improve the efficiency of mechanical power transmission. Ball bearing can't bear the heavy load of larger, more common in the light industry machinery. Ball bearing is also called the ball bearings. Ball bearings are generally used in low load of mechanical equipment. Because of ball bearing load bearing area is small, appear easily in the case of high-speed serious mechanical damage, so often adopted in the heavy load of mechanical needle bearing to increase the bearing surface, and improve the efficiency of mechanical transmission, at the same time reduce the mechanical damage. Bearing materials: 1) Ring, rolling body materials required by the performance: rolling fatigue strength, high hardness, high wear resistance; 2) Cage materials required by the performance: good dimensional stability, mechanical strength and good workability. According to different purposes and demands of its, impact resistance, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance. 3) Ring and rolling body material: ring and rolling body usually use high carbon chromium bearing steel. 4) Cage materials: stamping materials, use of low carbon steel. According to different purposes, also used brass, stainless steel plate. Cutting system maintains a material, the use of high-intensity brass, carbon steel, and also the use of synthetic resin.
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