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The use of vehicles bearing and maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Vehicles should be within the scope of the rated load working, if serious overload will directly lead to bearing overload, bearing causes early failure, is more serious is that will cause the vehicle failure and personal safety accident; Ban bearing a hit from the abnormal load; { HotTag} Check the use state of bearing, observe bearing parts whether there are abnormal noise and local temperature rise sharply phenomenon; According to the requirements on a regular basis, quantitative filling lubricating oil or grease; According to the vehicle usage, at least once every six months to completely replace the lubricating oil, and the bearing are carefully check; Bearing maintenance state inspection: the removal of the bearing with kerosene or clean gasoline, observe carefully if there is a sliding or bearing inner and outer cylinder creep phenomenon, inner and outer race of bearing surface spalling, pitting, rolling element and cage for wear and deformation, etc. , according to the comprehensive situation of bearing inspection, to determine whether a bearing can continue to use.
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