The use of plane thrust bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
We in the course of everyday use, should pay attention to, prevent the bearing condition, affect our daily work, in order to we can work orderly, take a look at below, what is the need to be aware of. 1, bearing clean most of the time, in the area around the bearing parts there are a lot of dust that is invisible to the naked eye, this in the invisible to product the function of the impact is bigger, also need to be vigilant, as a result, from the perspective of related clean job is must be done. 2, light to take light put in daily use process need to avoid too strong shocks, otherwise it is easy to cause the generation of cracks, which is often caused the main reason of the accident. 3, attention to the problem of corrosion in the process of daily use is must be a basic antirust processing, its main material is made of metal, so the long-term exposure to the external environment is easy to rust problem, and in the daily operation of palms sweat is also one of the rusty factors, therefore, in order to put an end to the production of this kind of situation, better to wear gloves when at work, it is more appropriate.
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