The four characteristics of NSK bearing maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
As we know, most of the bearing damage generally after replacement, NSK bearings, but for some repaired if cost is not high, we will choose to repair the bearing. Sometimes design reference datum transformation combination repair method is too big, can't use, will choose the other side as a benchmark, at the same time to carry on the dimension chain integration. NSK bearings, for example, if the body deformation is too big, should be based on rotating components, reprocessed correction bearing body, and then according to the size of reprocessed out bearing body, adjust the assembly dimension chain, and replacement of the adjusting ring method, according to the order of the dimension chain inspection repair, closed loop control precision is achieved at last. Benchmark unchanged composite repair method in repairing and adjusting the precision of dimension chain, according to the principle of benchmark superposition, only use a datum as a benchmark, namely the design basis, and all other effect the repair surface as a benchmark. This combination of repair benchmark, easy to check the accuracy, reduce error accumulation. For example, the speed control type hydraulic coupler in the repair, often based on the bearing body. 1. Proper viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristic for the spindle temperature is not too high and make the thermal deformation of machine tool, NSK bearing lubrication bad influence machining precision or make, should according to the structure of the spindle bearing, speed and bearing clearance to choose appropriate temperature of lubricating oil and its good viscosity-temperature characteristics, prevent a spindle working temperature and environmental temperature change is big, the change of the viscosity is too large and affect its lubrication performance. 2. Good lubricity to keep between shaft and bearing contact surface have a uniform oil film, and in the main shaft impact load of oil film start or stop the movement also not dent, keep good lubrication performance plays a reduce friction and friction heat, lowering the temperature rise of the main shaft, ensure the machining accuracy requirements has good lubrication performance. 3. Good oxidation resistance of machine tool spindle when using circulation lubrication method, NSK bearings for the spindle oil use for a long time without deterioration has good oxidation resistance is required. 4. Good rust resistance due to the oil in the working process of the spindle lubrication system will inevitably mixed with condensed water or machine cooling fluid in the air, so the oil has good anti-rust property.
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